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June 07 2012


Diablo 3 no pvp

Blizzard has long wanted that Diablo 3 would come out "when it's done," but today it's rather shockingly altered that rule. In a post on the serious forums, Diablo 3 Lead Designer Jay Wilson asserted that the player-versus-player combat simply weren't living up to Blizzard's standards. Rather than postpone the entire game further, Blizzard has opted to go ahead with its announced launch (date TBD) without the PvP Arena system. This is a serious bombshell to release on the Diablo community -- while a big part of Diablo's fanbase plays exclusively single-player or co-op, it's largely the PvP aspect that's kept Diablo 2 alive and well in gamers' hearts and minds for the past decade. What state must PvP be in for it to have come to this? And what's going on at Blizzard if a developer that's historically proved willing to push its games indefinitely has decided to launch without a major feature and patch it in later? Sound off in the comments: Without PvP included out of the box, will those of you who had planned to buy d3 gold on day one change your minds, or will you still buy diablo 3 gold?
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